August 14 7:00 PM

Live Music by Cami Maki- Pittsburg

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Price: FREE Duration: 3 hrs Group Size: 1 - 0 Guests

Join us for some live music by Cami Maki!

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If unconventional is what you are looking for, Cami Maki certainly fits the description. Unique, unapologetic delivery, powerful lyrical structure and desire to succeed are all in the makeup of this musicians ability. Cami has a story to tell every night, and those lucky to have shared in it, have already felt a change for the better.

Cutting her teeth in the same haunts as musical greats Josh Weathers, Leon Bridges and countless others who have called the backrooms and dives of Fort Worth, Texas home, Cami Maki is a breath of fresh air and exactly what music enthusiasts crave. Blending soulful melodies born in the melting pot of today’s eclectic playlists, Cami’s reach goes far beyond any one specific genre.